Please note: If you are looking to sell or to just receive our offer for purchase, you do not need a written appraisal. Please feel free to call us for an appointment to review your property for a “no charge” offer.


If you require a written appraisal document, we shall be happy to be of service.

Types and Reasons for Appraisals

The most common written appraisal is done for insurance replacement purposes in the event your jewelry, silver, or china is lost or stolen. But there are other types of written appraisals as well, and each has its own required market level and corresponding value. Appraisals for Estates (i.e. for when people pass away), for divorce, bankruptcy, collateral for a bank loan; confirming what you bought is what it is, and is worth what you were told; or just wanting to know what you have so you can divide it fairly among your children or grandchildren. These are all legitimate reasons for wanting a written appraisal, and we can help you.

Appraisals While You Wait - No longer offered due to Covid

We offer you appraisals while you wait. The jewelry never leaves your sight. If you have questions, or if questions arise regarding the identity or condition of your jewelry during the appraisal, you can get immediate answers to your questions right then and there. If there are problems, we will take the time to show you what they are, and advise you what should be done. If there are no problems and nothing to be concerned about, we will tell you that as well. One of the responsibilities of the appraiser is to fairly and objectively put all relevant facts on the table so you are fully informed.

Drop off Appraisal Service

If you cannot wait, and still wish to have an appraisal done on your property. You may leave it for pickup later on. However, you should set aside 15 to 30 minutes so we can thoroughly go through your property before you leave it. If you have diamonds, we will let you view your diamond under the scope, point out and write down the major identifying features. Then when you pick your diamond up, we once again put it under the scope and review it with you so you are reassured you are getting your same diamond back. We are happy to do this for you, and there is no additional charge for this service. 

The completed written appraisal document will follow in about a week. This includes a bound document for your records (please see appraisal samples below); and an electronic PDF copy of our written appraisal document which you can forward to your insurance company, or other interested parties.

All appraisals are by appointment. Feel free to call us and set up a time that is convenient for you.

Appraisal Samples

 apk appraisal sample 1apk appraisal sample 2

 apk appraisal sample 3apk appraisal sample 4

 apk appraisal sample 5