Auction Service

Private Auction Services. Perfect for local dealers, banks, estate and trust attorneys, and clients looking to generate the most money in the shortest period of time.

Exceptional jewelry, watches and silver can be submitted for private auction. Your item is viewed by 20 of the major jewelry, watch and silver dealers in New York, and each will place a bid on it. Because of the way this auction is structured, it is unlike the private auctions for dealers in the trade held by the major auction houses. These same dealers in this auction do not know who they are bidding against, or what the other parties bids are as opposed to the private auctions held by the Auction Houses. As a result, the potential buyers tend to bid very strong on items they do want.

There are other advantages as well. The auction service will advise you in advance of what they think it might go for. However, you can always set your own price as well. Unlike the other major auction houses, if your item does not meet your personally selected reserve price, you are not charged a fee if it doesn’t sell. That can save you from having to pay 20% to 30% of the reserve price on what is essentially a no sale.  Commissions are also substantially lower than the major auction houses and (in some instances) negotiable depending upon what, and how much, you have.

More importantly, instead of waiting six months for your money once your item sells (as is typical with many of the major auction houses), it is in your hands within 30 days. There are no cataloging or other hidden charges and fees. This auction service has had an excellent track record for over two decades and is used by many east coast dealers, banks and attorneys to liquidate estates on behalf of their clients. It is also very popular with dealers in the trade who use them to turn collectable jewelry for the best price in the shortest period of time.

We are proud to have been selected as the sole authorized agent for this auction service in Montana and have represented them for the last fourteen years. If you have any questions or are interested in availing yourself of this service, please feel to contact us at 406-453-8403.