We Buy Diamonds


APK Diamond 1Unlike many other diamond buyers, we carefully grade your diamond for its exact color, clarity, cut and carat weight. We do that right in front of you. Your diamond never leaves your sight.


Now why do we take the extra time and care to do this? There are important factors that affect a diamond's value that are not readily apparent to the naked eye that only a close and careful examination can reveal. Every diamond is a rich and varied combination of the four features mentioned above.

For example, there are 10 different clarity grades and 22 different color grades. Which means that there are 220 possible color and clarity combinations for your diamond alone, and each combination has its own price. In other words, there are 220 possible prices or values your diamond can have depending upon its weight category.


Likewise, the quality of the cutting can affect the value as much as 50%. A well made diamond has much more value than a poorly made one. You can compare it to a car. You know that a well made Cadillac is going to be worth more than a cheaply finished import.


So why is this important to you? Well, anyone can buy a diamond. If the buyer really doesn’t know diamonds (and there are a lot of diamond buyers out there that have had no formal education or proper training in grading and valuing diamonds), that person, in order to protect themselves from their own ignorance, is going to offer you less than what it might really be worth.


At A.P. Kelson - Arcanum, we believe if we know exactly what your diamond is, we can offer you the best price. Yes, it takes just a little extra time to do this. But we think you will find that the extra money in your pocket will be well worth it.