Sterling Silver

We are always looking to buy fine sterling silver flatware, holloware and decorative art objects in sterling silver. We also pay strong premiums for currently popular patterns and unusual pieces.

Currently, we are not buying silverplated flatware. If you are not sure what you have, you can look on the back of, for example, a teaspoon in your set. If it does not say Sterling or .925, then there is a good chance it is silverplated. As with everything in life, there always seems to be exceptions. In the case of foreign made fine silver flatware and holloware, it usually does not say sterling, and will have different marks. If you are not sure, you are always welcome to call. We will be glad to assist you.

Silver Service UseWe DO BUY some items of silverplated hollow ware such as ornate trays, candelabra, tea services and figural pieces. We also pay very strong premiums for Sterling Silver Tea Services, candelabra, and trays. If you have any question at all about your silver items, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to be of assistance.