We will take your items on consignment to broker into the national and international markets to get you the highest cash offer available.

The process is very simple. When you drop off your items, we both review each important gem including viewing identifying features under the microscope, and write these down on your receipt. Likewise, should your pieces come back, we will once again review them under the microscope (subject to Covid restrictions). This will reassure you that you are receiving your same items back if the items should be returned. This is rarely necessary, but important to know just in case.

After take-in, your property is then sent to one of many dealers who may have expressed an interest to purchase them based on our description. Based on our description, we will receive a preliminary offer subject to their final review. We share that with you, and if you agree, your goods will be sent off for the final inspection. After their personal inspection and review, we will be given a firm price which you can either accept or reject. If you accept the offer, a check is sent to you the same day. If you reject the offer, the goods are returned.

We charge a 10% commission in addition to all packing, postage and insurance fees upon the successful sale. If the offer is declined, you are only responsible for the cost of the packing, postage and insurance fees. Turn around time from take-in to final payment can vary between one to two weeks at the most. If time is a concern for you, you may always take advantage of our immediate cash offer.